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Scottsdale, Arizona - Afterlife Research & Education Symposium

  • Embassy Suites, Scottsdale, Arizona 4415 E Paradise Village Pkwy South Phoenix, Arizona 85032 U.S.A. (map)

27 pioneering experts on afterlife communication and end-of-this life transitions. Learn and share with open-minded seekers like you. You will learn what the dead say about how we should live. How wisdom is channeled from higher realms. Methods families use to share the death transition. How to record afterlife voices yourself. Ways to develop and enhance mediumship. How to have Self-Guided Afterlife Connections. How to have a circle with materialization. The proofs of the afterlife that convince skeptics. How to fix today’s racial tensions and divides. How to use table tipping for spirit communication. Ways to help groups have afterlife connections. How psychotherapists aid in afterlife connections. Insights into having great medium readings. What happens in the life review. How the death transition can be wonderful. About having life-between-lives experiences. How spirits are cooperating with us. The importance of after-death care. How to become a new human and much more.